Stage 10A - Bypass Crest pass (nearby) 2010 m - Vallone di Guaria junction ETON611A tappa 10

From the colle Crest (2040m) the pathway descends into the Fatinaire Valley, in Val Soana, cutting a steep and rugged slope, thickly overgrown with green alder trees; passing from one set of surroundings that lie in clear contrast with the airy, spacious green of the slope towards the Ribordone Valley. The route reaches Alpe Sionei (m 1855), a large alpine pasture with a relatively modern layout, with a cableway that was abandoned some years ago. Leaving the pasture behind us, the route follows the steep crags that descend from the summit of the Sionei and the Costa Doccia towards the Vallone di Fattinaire, reaching Combrat (m 1020) in around an hour and a half, and, nearby, Convento (m 905, fraz. di Ronco Canavese). Then follow stage 11

Trail specifications

Starting place: 
Crest pass
Starting altitude: 
2010 m slm
Arrival place: 
Grangia, Fraz. di Ronco (nearby), junction ETON611A, tappa 10
Arrival altitude: 
901 m slm
7,3 km
Walking time: 
2 ore 45 minuti
EE - Escursionistico difficile
+432 -1412
Suggested period: 
Support points: 

Locanda Centrale Via Roma 9 – Ronco Canavese tel. 348 0438605
B&B “Gran Paradiso” (posto tappa GTA), via Roma 25 – Ronco Canavese tel. 366 260 95 98