Stage 11 - Bivouac Bech Ingria 985 m - Frassinetto 1028 m

From Bech di Ingria, we reach the houses at the bottom of the village and then follow an underground channel on the flat and eastwards to an iron bridge. We cross it and then climb up the opposite slope up to the rut, over the other side of the Verdassa river. Following it to the right and with a long stretch over flat land, we arrive at Berchiotto. From Berchiotto we climb back up to the left along a dirt track that runs by a large pylon. The pathway rises gradually passing south at a height of 1707 m above sea level (with the characteristic tower which can be easily seen from below) and reach Alpe Colli 1714 m. (1.5 hours from Berchiotto). Having passed the cabins, passing near some rocks, we continue up keeping slightly to the left and reaching the Alpi Pian Gimente 1878 m. We continue along the mountain ridge and reach Lake Quinzeina. The pathway continues to the right with a gradual climb until it emerges in view of the little hill between the two summits of Quinzeina. We leave the path and climb to the left until the cross of Quinzeina nord 2344 m (also known as the Cross of Frassinetto) (2 hours from Alpe Colli).  From here, we continue along the summit that rises and descends to the Cross of the Quinzeina Sud Point (also known as the Cross of Santa Elisabetta 2231 m) and we continue down along the route through stone quarries and grassy areas until we reach the summit of Tre Denti 1738 m and then the Hill of Pian Mungel 1645 m, on the junction between Santa Elisabetta (Colleretto Castelnuovo) and Chiapinetto (Frassinetto). From the Colle Pian Mungel (Tre Denti) 1645 m junction we descend along a cattle track to the right, and then a dirt track, in the middle of birch woods (high pylon) until we reach the Church of Santa Croce (Chiapinetto di Frassinetto) 1 hour and 15 minutes. From Chiapinetto, with its beautiful architecture and typical stone porticos and gateways, we descend along a pathway parallel to the asphalted road that passes through a residential area to the centre of Frassinetto 1061 m where you can choose to stay overnight in one of the many accommodations available.

Trail specifications

Starting place: 
Bivouac Bech Ingria
Starting altitude: 
985 m slm
Arrival place: 
Arrival altitude: 
1028 m slm
15,1 km
Walking time: 
9 ore 5 minuti
EE - Escursionistico difficile
+1586 -1527
Suggested period: 
Support points: 

bivouac località Bech Ingria 985 m
Accomodations Frassinetto – info call 0124 801007