Stage 12 - Frassinetto 1028 m - Pont Canavese 455 m

From Frassinetto, having crossed the main road and arrived at the parish church in Capelli, we take the steps down towards the cemetery and cross the asphalted road to join the mule track that first passes by the church dedicated to the Madonna del Bellosguardo and then, crossing the asphalted road a few times, descends to Santa Maria in Doblazio - an old, fascinating parish church that has stood here for over 1,000 years - which dominates Pont Canavese (1 hour 45 minutes from Chiapinetto). From here, it is a short descent along the mule track to the railway station in Pont Canavese, where you can choose from a number of accommodation solutions and where the ALTA VIA CANAVESANA (A.V.C.) itinerary ends.


Trail specifications

Starting place: 
Starting altitude: 
1028 m slm
Arrival place: 
Pont Canavese
Arrival altitude: 
455 m slm
4,8 km
Walking time: 
2 ore 20 minuti
EE - Escursionistico difficile
+108 -730
Suggested period: 
Support points: 

Accommodation in Pont Canavese: Hotel restauran Bergagna ** Via G. Marconi n.19 Pont Canavese phone +390124.85153
Società Operaia di Mutuo Soccorso - Pont Canavese phone +393407500647
for more informations contact the Council Tourist Office in Pont Canavese . phone +390124.85484