Stage 2 - Rifuge Alpe Soglia 1720 m slm - Rifuge Salvin 1570 m slm

The route goes back from the Refuge to Alpe Soglia (1720 m); from here follows the Tre Vallate track up to Alpe Turinetto (1818 m), Bric Volpat (2038 m), Colle della Croce d’Intror (1950 m), Cima dell'Angiolino (2168 m) and Mt. Vaccarezza (2203 m). The track continues on the ridge and comes to Mt. Croass (2155 m) and then descends to Alpe Pertus. Once at junction with path 408/A the route goes down towards hamlet Salvin and then reaches Salvin Refuge.

Trail specifications

Starting place: 
Rifuge Alpe Soglia
Starting altitude: 
1720 m slm
Arrival place: 
Rifuge Salvin
Arrival altitude: 
1570 m slm
12 km
Walking time: 
7 ore 15 minuti
EE - Escursionistico difficile
+1109 -1254
Suggested period: 
Support points: 

Rifugio/Agriturismo Salvin (Monastero di Lanzo) tel. 0123 27205 335 5481419