Stage 4 - Santuario Madonna di Ciavanis 1878 m - Alpe Vailet 2230 m

Passing through Alpi Tovo 2067 m it is an easy journey to the Bojret Pass 2330 m, partly along mule track and partly along a paved lane. From here, we descend along a wonderful paved mule track (where you can find snow as late as late summer) to the lake and cabins of the Bojret, (possible bivouac, water nearby. 2 hours 15 minutes from the start point). From the Alpi Bojret 2281 m, the pathway continues westwards, leading us under a rocky bastion, passing it and reaching on a flat trail the Forca Alps 2470 m (possible bivouac). We soon reach the Colle della Forca 2458 m, with its spectacular view. (1.5 hours from Bojret Lake). From here we descend along the pathway until we meet the rather unremarkable effluent of an oval lake at around 2300 m above sea level, (not shown on maps). On our left we leave the pathway that soon leads to the Pian di Lee Alps 2265 m, and follow the entire western bank of the small lake and then after a stretch through the rocky cliffs (follow the road signs carefully) we reach Alpe la Balma 2289 m (bivouac possible, water nearby). We now follow a lovely stone paved mule track and after around 100m we find a crossroads. Take the left-hand fork that leads to the grassy slope at 2434 m; from here the track disappears completely (follow the road signs carefully) and we reach the colletto della Terra at approximately 2400 m above sea level (take care as there are many other places of the same name in the local area which may lead to confusion). Leaving the Colletto, the route quickly descends to the Alpi Li Arrè 2309 m (bivouac possible), which we leave to the left. Descend along the valley to the right until the pathway reaches an enormous rock overlooking a pool of water. Having crossed the plain and a small watercourse we reach the Vailet Alps 2233 m where a bivouac has been built by the council of Chialamberto, where you can ask for information. Water nearby. (2 hours from the Colle della Forca)

Trail specifications

Starting place: 
Santuario Madonna di Ciavanis
Starting altitude: 
1878 m slm
Arrival place: 
Alpe Vailet 2230 m
Arrival altitude: 
2230 m slm
7,3 km
Walking time: 
5 ore
EE - Escursionistico difficile
+984 -612
Suggested period: 
Support points: 

Bivacco Alpe Vailet 2250 m – informazioni Comune di Chialamberto tel. 0123 506369