Stage 6 - Ceresole Reale 1595 m - Bivouac Giraudo 2630 m

Alta Via Canavesana now enters Gran Paradiso National Park. From Villa Poma to Ceresole Reale, we follow the lakeside asphalted road to the left as it passes the hydro-electric power station and then Villa and Mua (50 minutes from Villa Poma), where we find the signposts for the route for Lago Lillet. Passing through a larch tree wood, we climb up near the Alpe Pisson 2082 m. The climb continues first below a rocky cliff, then on to the Alpe del Medico 2474 m reaching the wide Royal Hunting Road that links Colle della Terra with the Colle della Porta, just east of the lovely Lake Lillet 2765 m (3.5 hours from Mua). We follow it to the right passing through a stone scree (snow can be found somewhere even in late summer) and reach the Colle della Porta 3002 m. From the Colle, the Royal Road is a winding descent along the opposite slope between snowfields and detritus towards the Bivouac Giraudo. At approximately 2700 m above sea level the mule track veers to the right; we leave it and continue left, following signs leading us between the large blocks of a stone scree up to Lago della Piatta and to the nearby Bivouac Giraudo 2630 m (6 sleeps, always open, water found nearby). (2.5 hours from Lago Lillet).

Trail specifications

Starting place: 
Ceresole Reale Fraz. Villa
Starting altitude: 
1580 m slm
Arrival place: 
Bivouac Giraudo
Arrival altitude: 
2630 m slm
+1616 -591
Walking time: 
7 ore 25 minuti
EE - Escursionistico difficile
Suggested period: 
Support points: 

Rifugio alpino Le Fonti Minerali; Rifugio escursionistico Massimo Mila o altre strutture ricettive a Ceresole Reale Per informazioni ufficio turistico Ceresole Reale 0124.953186

Bivacco  Giraudo, sempre aperto