Stage 7 - Bivouac Giraudo 2620 m - Bivouac Ivrea 2770 m

We leave the bivouac Giraudo on our right and descend to the area around Alpe Breuil and the relative plain. We again leave the mule track as it descends to the right towards Ceresole Reale via the Colle Sià and Cà Bianca and continue instead to the left along the flat route that leads to the Gran Piano Hunting Lodge 2222 m. (2 hours from the Bivouac Giraudo). At the Gran Piano, the AVC separates from the Giroparco to follow the route northwards to the junction for the Ciamosseretto lakes (we recommend a half-hour diversion to enjoy these beautiful lakes). We turn to the right-hand path which diagonally leads to Bocchetta del Ges 2614 m, from where we can enjoy a breath-taking view of the Piano della Bruna and the surrounding mountains (2 hours from the Casa di Caccia). We follow the mule track down to Piano delle Alpi la Bruna 2473 m joining the Pathway that climbs up from Noasca. We follow it and quickly arrive in the Alpi La Bruna crossing the river wherever possible. From here, the path is flat to the swampy Piano di Goi, where the mule track takes a sharp right-hand turn and after some bends reaches the Alpe la Motta 2653 m near two ponds. A few climbs and descents and then some hairpin bends lead to the vast floodplains, at the bottom of which, on a hillock, you can find the Bivouac Ivrea (CAI Ivrea, 9 sleeps, always open). (3 hours from Bocchetta del Ges).

Trail specifications

Starting place: 
Bivacco Giraudo (Noasca)
Starting altitude: 
2620 m slm
Arrival place: 
Bivacco Ivrea
Arrival altitude: 
2770 m slm
14 km
Walking time: 
7 ore 40 minuti
EE - Escursionistico difficile
+1187 -1069
Suggested period: 
Support points: 

Bivouac Giraudo, allways open

Bivouac Ivrea, allways open