Stage 8 - Bivouac Ivrea 2770 m - Refuge Pocchiola Meneghello 2440 m

We descend slightly from the Bivouac Ivrea and cross the river to the east. Climbing the clearly marked mule track with a long transverse leads to a number of shelves, we then take a sharp right turn and cross the stone scree, reaching the rather challenging passage (at times covered in snow) that descends from the Colle dei Becchi. We climb back up through the rocks on the right bank of the canal until we reach the Colle dei Becchi or di Noaschetta 2990 m. (1.5 hours from the Bivouac Ivrea). Descending the opposite slope through snow drifts and the scree eastwards, we reach the grassy plains. On our right we leave the route that leads down to the Telessio dyke and follow the path that leads to the Refuge Pontese (run and owned by the Club Alpinistico Pontese) after having crossed the river via a bridge. (2 hours 20 min from the Colle dei Becchi). We can choose to stay here or continue towards the Refuge Pocchiola Meneghello (a further 2 hours 45 min). From Pontese, we take the steep route eastwards, crossing the channel-ridged slope diagonally and follow it to the Bocchetta di Valsoera 2683 m. On the opposite slope, the track descends equally steeply almost all the way to the Valsoera Lake and with a long transverse (security chain towards the end) it reaches the dyke that we cross, passing the Refuge Pocchiola Meneghello 2440 m (always open, 12 sleeps, owned by GEAT in Turin). (2 hours 45 min from the Refuge Pontese).

Trail specifications

Starting place: 
Bivouac Ivrea
Starting altitude: 
2770 m slm
Arrival place: 
Refuge Pocchiola Meneghello
Arrival altitude: 
2440 m slm
10,6 km
Walking time: 
7 ore 30 minuti
EE - Escursionistico difficile
+1157 -1455
Suggested period: 
Support points: 

Bivacco Ivrea
Rifugio Pocchiola Meneghello (rifugio non custodito, sempre aperto)