Stage 9 - Refuge Pocchiola Meneghello 2440 m - Ribordone, fraz. Talosio 1225 m

From the Refuge Pocchiola Meneghello we climb the uneven stone steps, pass the abandoned cableway and a votive chapel. The route continues flat and then climbs and descends a few times to a scree which we pass through and reach a track that cuts its way through steep slopes (security chain in a collapsed stretch) and which climbs with a spectacular view over the western part of Monte Destrera 2539 m. (45 min from the Refuge Pocchiola Meneghello). Descending to the left along tracks on the opposite grassy slope, we reach a small scree and continue down almost to the plain below, turning left and continuing until we reach a building under a large rock. We cross the river, turn right, the track passes high along the Alpe Terrin with some climbs and descents and then takes a long transverse climb along steep slopes (take care in the event of snow) until we reach the south-west top of the Punta Rossa at a height of 2370 m at the point of a large stone sign. We first descend the ridge and then turn left following the tracks all the way to the Alpe Praghetta superiore 2140 m where we then join the AVC\GTA route that climbs up from San Giacomo and continues towards Lake Eugio (3 hours from the dyke to Alpe Praghetta). We take the steps down to the right and join the long hillside route that climbs back up the western slope of Cima Testona until you reach the Eugio - Ribordone ridge a few metres from the Arzola summit 2158 m. We descend to Pian Chermisù 1973 m (after 100 m is a small chapel, and imposing statue of Christ the Redeemer and Bivouac Blessent, emergency stop, always open). Before our arrival, we take a descent left to Alpe Arzola 1793 m and then to Posio 1390 m. Follow the quiet, asphalted road to Talosio (Ribordone), where you can find a GTA stage post (3 hours 30 minutes from the Lake Eugio dyke).

Trail specifications

Starting place: 
Rifugio Pocchiola Meneghello (Locana)
Starting altitude: 
2440 m slm
Arrival place: 
Ribordone, fraz. Talosio
Arrival altitude: 
1225 m slm
+1088 -2304
Walking time: 
9 ore 20 minuti
EE - Escursionistico difficile
Suggested period: 
Support points: 

Refuge Pocchiola Meneghello (Locana) 2440 m (rifugio non custodito, sempre aperto)
Posto tappa GTA (presso la Trattoria Grisolano “da Marina”) Talosio (Ribordone) 1225 m tel. 0124 818015
Bivouac Blessent Redentore 1976 m (sempre aperto)