Apicoltura Livio Carlin

Native of the Valsavaranche, Livio Carlin is bee-keeper since 1991. He started as hobby with few bee hive but rapidly passion and interest for bee-keeping brought him to get informations and attend various courses in this sector in order to widen his knowledge. From year to year the number of bee hives and typologies of honey produced rise. In 2000 thanks to the professionalism acquired and a touch of fortune he's able to transform his hobby towards a full time job, becoming Alp Technician at the Valle d'Aosta Agriculture Concillorship. In 2005 upon passing various learning courses he also acquires the title of Expert in Sensory Analysis of Honey. So far, other than giving technical aid to Valle d'Aosta bee-keepers, he manages about 70 bee hives that with his sons Mathieu and Henti transfer to different locations in order to take advantage from flowerings that the mountain territory of the Valle d'Aosta offers during spring/summer. Some of the mono-flowers varieties produced are real “pearls” (limited production), so not always available. All the various typologies of honey produced: acacia, dandelion, lime-tree, chestnut, mountain “millefiori” and forest honeydew are certified bio-productions.


Crèton, 60 - Valsavarenche
Aosta Valley
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from 20th of June to 20th of August. In other period reacheble by phone.