Ceresa Aurelio alpine pasture


Our alpine pasture is located in the Oreggio Alp, the heart of Gran Paradiso National Park. From June to September, our animals graze in the oldest protected area in Italy, meadows that go from 1400 m 2400 m a.s.l.

Huts have been completely refurbished, maintaining all the typical elements present, included “crutin”, where we make our cheeses to ripe patiently.

Other than the panorama and the beauty of the Park, you'll be able to associate the view of our alpine pasture with the on of the Prascondù Sanctuary, dating back to the XVI century.

We mainly produce “toma di latte vaccino” (cheese made from bovine's cheese) and “tometta di latte caprino” (cheese made from goat's cheese), called Riburda, in honour of the native village of our family. You'll be, moreover, able to find “erborinati”, as the “Blu di capra” (blue goat cheese), and fresh cheeses such as “ricotta” (cottage cheese made of skim milk) and “sairas del fen”.

Our quality is certifies by the Gran Paradiso National Park itself, that has given the quality label of the park and of the Camera di Commercio of Turin, that has included us in the “Maestri del Gusto”, following rigid and necessary qualitative inspections.


The alpine pasture is reached walking an easy mule track for around 30 minutes, after having left the car in the Ciantel hamlet, little after the populated small municipality of Ribordone.
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From June to October: Oregge Alp – Ribordone From October to May: None - Cascina Ollera 10 - 10060
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