"Da Emy" farm

Da Emy rural business with headquarter in the Bois de Clin village deals with cultivation and transformation of the famous officinal plant used by mountain people in order to prepare the fabulous liqueur called Génépy. This small plant of pleasant aromatic smell and with golden yellow flowers is called by botanists Artemisia umbelliformis. In Valsavarenche this specie seems to put himself at ease, so that the botanist Pignatti in its work “Flora d'talia” underlines that, even thou the Artemisia umbelliformis grows until 3000 m asl, it arrives on the contrary on Grivola until 3700 m. So that the idea of Emilia Berthod to cultivate, dry and pack the small plant of white Genepì in Valsavarenche, this is it's common name, it seems to persuade also for this reason. Bags with the small dry Genepì plants can be bought both directly within the company and in the Valsavarenche shops. Genepì house shipping is possible.

You can buy on line products of the Da Emy rural business on the website:  tascapan.com


Loc. Bois de Clin 18 - 11010 Valsavarenche (AO)
Aosta Valley
Tel. / Fax: 
0165-905791 - Cell 347 3716812
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Doesn't accept credit cards / Debit cards
Opening period and time: 
the whole year upon appointment with the manager