"La Gora" farm

The dairy Alpe Gran Prà is placed at 2045 m, under the real house of the Gran Piano in the municipality of Noasca, in Ciamuseretto valley. To the Gran Prà during spring about 100-115 cattle and 40 goats come up. Cattle are divided into two herds, those lactating come up to Great Prà, the youngest stop in Ramaiot at 1800 m. There are about 35 cows in lactation which produce 400 liters of milk per day. The milk is put in a copper vessel and heated at 37 degrees and curdled. After 40 minutes the curd is broken and placed in linen cloths, crushed by hands and closed, then is deposited to drain off the whey that is given to cows to drink. The cheese is aged for 60 days. - See more at: http://www.pngp.it/node/9145#sthash.Z6j3jJGk.dpuf


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"Toma vaccina e mista" (goat cheese) from the alpine pasture (Gran Pra)
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