La stazione dell'acqua

Stazione dell'Acqua was born from a project dreamt and realized by Elena e Marco. During a walking in the forest, at the borders of the Gran Paradiso National Park, we've discovered this property built in 1923, guarding a small reservoir. The intuition that it could become a place for our soul to offer and share is taken instantly. A place that could meet the need that many warn to crop holiday moments where getting away from the noise, the informations intrusiveness, the invading lights, from the crowd to discover the beauty to “get close” to smells and sounds of nature, good readings, pleasant conversations, discreet but intense encounters. In the name there is a lot of our friends:-"station" because we have thought it as a place of rest and meetings:-"water" because there is a strong link with the environment as placed in the municipality of Introd-"entre eaux"--through the waters. The station, lovingly restored by the friend Luca, offers pleasant and functional rooms particularly welcoming. On the ground floor a large living room with floor-to-ceiling windows offers a splendid panorama of the surrounding mountains, you can also choose to stop for dinner at Elena, who with pleasure organizes delicious meals for guests, served in the living room with fireplace. The property is surrounded by a wide garden and during summer guests are invited to taste excellent and abundant grilled meats cooked by Marco. Visitors of La Stazione can enjoy of a resting place and a sauna with colour-therapy to relax.


accomodation and catering
Sorressamont - 11010 Introd (AO)
Aosta Valley
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3381693370 - 3349994791
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the whole year
Gran Paradiso Area