Perotti bakery

Our pastry is a family run company attached to the tradition both for the working methods and for the basic recipies. Creams are made by splitting the yolk from the egg white, cooked in copper pots and prepared with the finest ingredients. To the basic ingredients we devote a lot of attention always seeking the finest raw materials and giving priority to those available in our area. Our flagship is the chocolate procession with the creation of over 30 different types of pralines, easter eggs and chocolate covered Panettone (sweat bread loaf). Our peculiarities are giuraje (dragées with nuts instead of almonds), true Piedmont gragées, the baci del Gran Paradiso (filled chocolates), and the Gran Paradiso Pandolce (cake without cream). Very successful our cakes gluten free and our “inventions” such as the sandwich cake and the straw wine cake.


Via Destefanis, 2 Pont Canavese (TO)
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0124 85129
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Gran Paradiso Area