Pezzetti Marco bee-keeping

"Pezzetti Marco Bee-keeping” has started his activity in 2000 in Locana Canavese (TO), few steps from the Gran Paradiso National Park, starting from only one bee hive and a big passion for these small insects, the bees, that offer us precious products for life and wellness.

Years of study and experience, the contribution of time and the desire to discover the enchanting world of bees, has developed his first award: today “Pezzetti Marco Bee-keeping” is recognized among his estimeers for the result quality that guarantees and tasting these products you'll have the opportunity to be persuaded of what we offer... Open the richness of Gran Paradiso taste...


Borgata Pratolungo, 3 Locana (TO)
Tel. / Fax: 
347.57.87.202 - 346.94.10.205 - 0124.800.909 - 0124.83.554
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Doesn't accept credit cards / Debit cards
Opening period and time: 
the whole year
Orco Valley