"Giro Lago" of Ceresole Reale

Starting point: Massimo Mila hiking shelter. Arrival:  Massimo Mila hiking shelter. 

Car park

The car park is placed next to the Mila hamlet, at a lower level from the driveway.

In the parking area, with stabilized floor, there is not a car park dedicated to disabled but spaces are sufficiently wide to guarantee the service. In order to reach the beginning of the parking it's necessary to face a ramp around ten metres long with a gradient of around 20% that results rather problematic for going autonomously.

Hygienic Services

In the small building of the parking area there are hygienic services, made of a wide access room and two rooms. Even if the bathroom cannot be considered accessible, due to the presence of a step at the entrance and the total lack of aids, the internal spaces are wide enough.

Route description

The whole path of the Giro Lago of Ceresole Reale can be divided into three tracks regarding to the morphological characteristics and the walking problems. 

Track 1: Easy

Starting from the Mila hamlet, walk the south side of the Lake through the trees area until the dig.

This track is characterized by the succession of big trees that ensure wide shadow areas along the dirt street 4-5 m large. Laterally the street is mostly without protective bands or rips, occasionally only a small containing wall on the right side can act as natural guide or seat. The uphill and downhill sections have almost never relevant gradients but rather are developed for long sections constantly.

Track 2: Easy

The second track is developed entirely on the dig. It has a width of around 300 m with strong lateral protections and asphalt flooring well levelled and with a good grade of maintenance.

Track 3: Difficult

Overcoming the dig to reach the third track of Giro Lago, you need to walk a piece of the SP50 without side walk or pedestrian crossing. From the end of the dig, then, turn right and reach the street. Walk around 200 m towards left and turn again on the left towards the lake, the latter downhill is quite steep even if short and ends in an equipped trees area, mostly shaded, with a playground, a pic nic area, benches and a football field.

The walk in the dirt road that goes along the north side of the lake is almost without shaded areas and has alternating uphills and downhills, we strongly suggest not to face them autonomously.

Along the path there are also boulders appearing from the ground that can be possibly dangerous. After this track the mostly flat route starts with better conditions bottom than the previous one. Along the whole route there are seats, picnic tables and fixed benches that mostly cannot be used because of the gradients and the reduced dimensions of the cement basement that doesn't make possible to get close.

Caratteristiche del percorso

Structure location: 
Ceresole Reale
Orco Valley
Starting place: 
1582 m a.s.l.
Arrival place: 
Ring shape route with various arrivals. Arrival suggested: "Mila" shelter, Villa 9 hamlet
Arrival altitude: 
1582 m a.s.l.
Track 1 and 2: Easy; Track 3: Difficult
environ 9 km
Walking time: 
environ 3 heures
Suggested period: 
Fine primavera; estate; inizio autunno
Starting place: 
Percorso ad anello con vari accessi. Partenza consigliata Rifugio "Mila", Borgata Villa 9