Campiglia - S.Besso - Grange Arietta

Summer path

From Campiglia Soana, parish and municipality in the past, you climb along the dirt track leading to the Azaria plain. Before reaching it, take a well indicated deviation on the right for the sanctuary of Saint Bessus. The cult of Saint Bessus is one of the oldest in the Alps and still today unites community of mountain and plain: on the 10th of August every year, inhabitants of Cogne and Val Soana meet for worship at the bottom of the cliff where the sanctuary grows. The sanctuary is located along the ancient road that links the Cogne Valley and the Canavese. According to the legend, Bessus was a Roman legionary, that after escaping for refusing to kill christians in Gallia, took refuge in Val Soana, but fell down from Mount Fairchild and died, his mark was left on the rocks below, where the sanctuary was built. From here go ahead until the Grange della Balma and take the path that arrives below the Arietta Alp, which descends to the Barmaion Alp and meets the initial track again. Crossing the plains of Azaria, remembered also by Rigoni Stern, in spring you can enjoy one of the highest concentrations of Chamois of the whole Park; to highlight also the ease in sighting of the marmots and the beauty of the alpine flora.


Trail specifications:

Soana Valley
Starting place: 
Campiglia Soana
Starting altitude: 
1350 m slm
Arrival place: 
Grange Arietta
Arrival altitude: 
2335 m slm
Trail sign: 
E - hiking
5 km
Walking time: 
5 ore
Suggested period: 
luglio - settembre
Path type: 
Summer paths