Dégioz - Orvieille - Djouan lakes

Summer path

Departure from Dégioz, Valsavarenche main town, cross the river Savana and arrive to Vers le Bois village, from which branches off the historic mule track to the former royal hunting House of Orvieille. The wood to cross and the basin pasture around the former Royal household have remarkable nature spots, but only the mule-track and the royal house are the strength of the first part of this route, steeped in history and strongly linked to the tradition of royal hunts of King Vittorio Emanule II. Passed the Orvielle basin go to the Djouan e Tzoplana pasture and then, gradually climbing, enter in the lakes Djouan valley, where the wide blooming meadow and the presence of marmots and ungulates underline the importance of the huge naturalistic context. Way back, from the hunting house, you can follow the nature trail until Eau Rousse.

Trail specifications:

Starting place: 
Starting altitude: 
1540 m slm
Arrival place: 
L. Djouan 2516 m slm (2168 m slm hunting house in Orveille)
Arrival altitude: 
2516m slm
Trail sign: 
976 m
E - hiking
5,9 km until the hunting house
Walking time: 
3h 15’ (to arrive to the Lakes); 2 h (to the royal hunting house Orveille)
Suggested period: 
June - September
Path type: 
Summer paths