Lillaz - Loie lake

Summer path

Departing from Lillaz village, after having crossed a piece of the typical alpine forest, it's possible to admire the wonderful waterfall originated by the Urtier Torrent. After taking the valley, you pass a bridge entering into a forest of conifers to get among high altitude alpine pastures near the Alpe Bardoney: here in early summer you can see the great variety of alpine flora and easily sight the curious marmots. Once the path that continues for the Bardoney Hill has been left, turn right to reach the Loie lake, where the probability to spot chamois and ibex increases and the landscape becomes great: an unexpected window on the Mont Blanc massif. The descent in a mature woodland of coniferous trees may give us the opportunity to sight birds such as nut-crackers, crossbills, jays and many other animal species.

Trail specifications:

Cogne valley
Starting place: 
Starting altitude: 
1617 m slm
Arrival place: 
Loie lake
Arrival altitude: 
2346 m slm
Trail sign: 
13 initially, 12 afterwards
729 m of positive altitude
E - hiking
Walking time: 
2h 45’ in total
Path type: 
Summer paths