Service organization
It features 5 people, all located in the administrative area: one worker, two assistants, a collaborator and a manager who has the role of the person in charge of the Operations Service.
The Service is also in charge of public relations, and performs administrative procedures in the modes and times established by laws and regulations, following in particular the obligations resulting from decisions taken by Institutional Bodies. In addition, by means of the tasks of the Secretary General, it provides collaboration, instrumental and administrative support to the Management and other services.
In brief, the most significant activities:

  • Secretary general and front office;
  • Secretary to the President, Directorate, Executive Council, Executive Committee, Park Community;
  • Public relations;
  • Management of the Press Office and reports with communication means;
  • Collaboration in the making of events promoted by the Institution;
  • Bureaucratic aspects for the publications edited by the Institution;
  • Juridical and administrative activities supporting Bodies and Services;
  • Procedures for the authorization of regulated activities;
  • Procedures regarding the titles as per qualification of sworn particular ranger for surveillance staff;
  • Procedures regarding administrative fines and court trials under way;
  • File management.

Offices and revenues
Offices are located at the legal headquarters, Via Pio VII, 9 10135 Torino

Opening times for the general public: Monday-Thursday from 9.00 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 17.00, on Fridays from 9.00 to 12.30, phone 0039 011 8606211 fax 0039 011 8121305.

Service Head
Pier Giorgio Mosso
tel. 0118606237 e-mail:

General Affairs Office
Donatella Pagnotto 
tel. 0039 011 8606207 Email:
Anna Crivelli
tel 0039 011 8606217 Email:

Direction and Presidency Secretary - Institutional bodies - Authorizations
Anna Crivelli
tel 0118606217 e-mail:

Institutional communication officer
Andrea Virgilio
tel. 0118606212 e-mail:

Graphic designer and photo-archive
Marcella Tortorelli
Tel. 0118606201 e-mail  

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