Internship opportunities

Participation to the activities of the Scientific Service
It is possible to take part in the training projects organized by the Scientific Research and Healthcare Service, by directly contacting the service manager.
Regarding dissertation's preparation and the participation in post-graduate training programmes, please contact and make agreements with the various Faculties that collaborate with the Park.
Bruno Bassano - Service manager
Fraz. Jamonin 5 - Noasca (TO). tel. 0039 0124 901043 Fax 0039 0124 901040
Tel. 0124-901043
Fax 0124-901040
Achaz von Hardenberg - Biologist
Fraz. Dègioz 11 - 11010 Valsavarenche (Ao).
Tel. 0165 905783 Fax 0165 905506

Planning and Technical Service
For more information on activities, possible internships and dissertations, contact the Service manager:
Elio Tompetrini
Ufficio di Aosta, Via Losanna 5, telefono 0039 0165 44126, fax 0039 0165 236565

Botanical Service
In the future years, participation to thematic work experience periods will be possible for students or graduates in nature faculties, at the Campiglia Garden (Soana Valley).
Requirements for participation will be communicated through this website.
Laura Poggio - Service manager
Giardino Botanico Alpino Paradisia
Fraz. Valnontey, 44 - 11012 Cogne (Aosta)
tel and fax 0039 0165 74147