Noasca: The shapes of the landscape

This centre hosts a permanent exhibition that illustrates the geomorphology of the Park.
The food for thought offered to the visitor includes agents that modify the environment, rock composition and their degradation, the evolution of the Alps. Mankind has not been forgotten from among the modifying agents, with its mining activities, the use of stone in mountain architecture, changes in slopes, water control and canalization. Furthermore, landscape configuration has also been linked with the habits of the most famous Park animals, such as the ibex, the chamois, the marmot and the eagle.
The route is developed by panels at various levels of analysis and features a comic itinerary for the visit, devoted to children, who are accompanied by Stamby, a very friendly ibex. A model helps us to understand the composition of Park rocks and their degradation. In the nearby projection room, it is possible to watch documentaries made in the Park.

As a consequence of the prescriptions related to the Covid-19 health emergency, the Centers will be accessible with safety measures, in particular it is mandatory to wear a protective mask.
In accordance with current regulations, a telephone reservation is required for visiting the permanent exhibitions, by contacting the Tourist Secretariat of Noasca, +39 0124 901070


Location: Noasca town hall - Via Umberto I (Noasca - TO)
Phone number: 0039 0124.90.10.70

Openings: Download the 2020 opening hours

Free admission.