The path Giroparco

A large part of the route covers the old Royal Hunting Roads established in the mid 20th century by the Savoys to connect the five "Royal Hunting Lodges" within the Reserve, which would become in 1922 Italy's first National Park. With a constant incline of around 8/10%, passing enchanting dry stone walls and paved stretches, they had to ensure the royal court easy access along ridable routes to the rest houses. This itinerary also covers some high altitude stretches giving us a wide view over the breathtaking landscapes of the Orco and Soana Valleys, highly esteemed landscape and environmental heritage.

Route tracks can be downloaded in .gpx or .csv format to be uploaded on touristic gps, in order to have a safer excursion.

However, it is important to remember that a gps map never replaces good body condition, good equipment, a topographic map and the ability to evaluate the difficulty level and every single danger that could come up considering the continuous change in the Alpine territory.

The gps instruments reliability, even those with a high quality, could not work properly in case of a bad signal reception or a non-optimal satellite alignment. Even in the case the GPS is perfectly connected, the precision of data obtained is always in the order of some metres on the map so, in particular situations, such as steep slopes with rock leaps, it is absolutely insufficient.

So, gps must be used as an additional instrument, which in particular cases can guarantee an important help but cannot allow us to head out on excursions we are not prepared to do, mentally and physically.

To conclude we would like to warn that mountain dangers are connected to the environment and so must be faced with caution and common sense, evaluating carefully the choice of itineraries in relation to one’s own abilities, and considering that without this preparation we cannot count on further help such as mobiles and gps.