The 8th World Conference on Mountain Ungulates (WCMU) will be held on September 2022 in Cogne (Italy) and will be organized by Gran Paradiso National Park, under the Endorsement of the Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea Protection of Italy; the IUCN SSC Caprinae Specialist Group and the GSE-AIESG Alpine Ibex European Specialist Group.

Cogne is located in the beautiful frame of the Alps in Gran Paradiso National Park, one of the oldest protected areas in Europe with a primary role in the recovery and conservation of the Alpine ibex.
The Gran Paradiso National Park, in collaboration with the Abruzzo Lazio and Molise National Park will organize the Conference as part of the celebrations for their 100th anniversary of foundation.

As in the spirit of past editions, the aim of the 8th Conference on Mountain Ungulates, will be to share the most recent and interesting results of researches on mountain ungulates as well as to provide opportunity of networking for researchers and wildlife managers. The participation of researchers, students, wildlife managers, government agencies, NGOs, hunting associations and that of everybody else interested in mountain ungulates from all over the world will be welcomed.

Sessions on the following topics are planned: biology, behaviour, genetics, systematic and palaeontology, conservation and management, with the ambitious aim of enhancing the integration of different research fields, connecting them with management and conservation.

More details on the conference will be posted on this website and disseminated via newsletters and other media. If you want to receive further communication about the conference, please let us know sending an e-mail to

The provisional schedule include the following timeline:
First call: September 2021
Registration date/Abstract submission: October 2021-March 2022
Final conference programme: June 2022
Conference date: September 2022

Organizing institutions:
Gran Paradiso National Park (Italy);
Abruzzo Lazio and Molise National Park (Italy)
Under the Endorsement of:
Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea Protection of Italy;
IUCN SSC Caprinae Specialist Group;
GSE-AIESG Alpine Ibex European Specialist Group

Scientific committee:
Marco Apollonio (Italy)
Yash Veer Bhatnagar (India)
Luca Corlatti (Germany)
Marco Festa-Bianchet (Canada)
Jean-Michel Gaillard (France)
Christine Grossen (Switzerland)
Achaz von Hardenberg (UK)
Juan Herrero (IUCN)
Ali Nawaz (Pakistan)
Luca Rossi (Italy)
Sambandan Sathyakumar (India)
Carole Toïgo (France)
Lingyun Xiao (China)