In the Park every season of the year offers different sceneries. Late spring and summer are the flowering and high altitude excursions months, the project "Walking in the clouds" permits for example to discover uncontaminated environments without air pollution and far from the cars noises. In autumn forests colors, while for chamois the mating period starts, ideal backgrounds for a photographic trekking in the protected area valleys. In winter, instead, the snowy territory is perfect for snowshoes walkings, cross-country skiing and mountaineering, it's also possible to sight animals in their wonderful winter livery. 

A day trip or, even better, a couple of days stay to discover the animals and alpine ecosystems secrets, to know which is our place in nature and how to behave in order to safeguard and protect delicate environments, to follow the woolf footprint in the snow or live an experience as young researcher. The Park is a real open air didactic laboratory in which schools of every kind are able to develop naturalistic and historical knowledges, but also cultural and sport one, thanks to the environment education offers promoted by the Park Body.

In this section it's possible to find informations related to paths, visitors centres and exhibitions, other than activities that can be practiced in the protected area.