A quiet and safe way to get around in nature and discover the Park area is to go on an excursion with the help of a Park professional. The people in charge of the suggested activities are the "Official and exclusive Park guides".
They are nature guides specialized in leading visitors in this large protected area. Their task is to let you know about the various aspects of the Park environment. This professional position was set up under the Framework Law on Protected Areas no. 394 of 1991.

These new professionals, skilled and specialized on the Alpine environment and in particular on the protected area, can plan activities while taking into account the visitor’s needs and interests with respect to topics, locations, type of services offered and suggested schedule.
They can accompany you in every season, on routes accessible to anyone or more challenging trails, always ensuring maximum safety.

Through the searching system below you can find the guide that best suits your needs. After selecting the fields that interest you, including those provided in the drop-down menus, just click on "apply" button and you'll see a list of guides that can accompany you in your Park excursions (please contact them directly).