The oldest italian national Park has a surface of over 70.000 hectars and is placed half in the Aosta Valley and half in Piedmont. It welcomes, around the Gran Paradiso peak, the only one over 4.000 meters entirely in the italian territory, five concentric valleys in which you'll find the typical alpine environments, rocks, larch forests and spruces. The protected area creation is strongly linked to the safeguard of the symbol animal of the Park, the alpine ibex, of whom, after the II World War, just 416 specimen, in the whole world, survived and they were all in the Park territory.

In order to guarantee the socio-economic development of the Park population, the Park Authority promotes experimenting ways to manage the territory, suitable to realize a sustainable integration between man and the natural environment, able to preserve the natural heritage. The Park Authority promotes, also, new compatible productive activities and protects the traditional cultural values that are present in the pastoral agro-silvo activities, the handicrafts and the traditional local architecture.

The park offers several proposals for your stay: sports, excursions, recreational and cultural activities, but it is also dedicated to wellbeing and relaxation, in this section you will find informations on how to arrive at, get to know and visit the protected area. 

Before you leave remember you're visiting a protected area and check the Park Regulation.