The Paradisia Alpine Botanic Garden is located in Valnontey, a hamlet in the municipality of Cogne, in the heart of the Park, at 1700 m of altitude, on an area of approx. 10,000 sq m, rich in basins and natural valleys that offers the best conditions for the cultivation of mountain and Alpine species. The garden is surrounded by the magnificent scenario of the Gran Paradiso massif.

How to visit Paradisia
The peak blossoming period is from mid-June to mid-July, according to season’s weather.
Tourist welcoming is carried out, with the Park collaboration, by Fondation Grand Paradis with the Park Rangers.
Guide tours are carried out every day at specific times, group are requested to book in advance.
Other activities, such as thematic guide visits and nature games are planned, according to the calendar prepared each season by the Fondation.

The visit can also be done independently, since at the entrance a small brochure is given with the main features of the garden; every plant is accompanied by a tag with its name, yellow tags indicate plants present in Italy (Alps and Appennines), white tags stand for exotic plants (from other mountain chain worldwide), red tags are for officinal plants (those with the death symbol are poisonous). Some explanatory boards describe the various theme sectors of the garden.