Luoghi accessibili Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso

This interactive section aims at informing users around accessibility and usability of the natural protected area of the Gran Paradiso.

With the help of the map above you can obtain detailed informations on the accessibility of the facilities and trails in the area. To improve the effectiveness of communication data collected have been organized by respecting the natural division of the territory in 5 valleys, every element analysed, such as structures and paths is not considered by itself but as part of a context, in order to make the user able to create it's own accessible itinerary.

Each element under study has its own detailed sheet that has the function of informing around the degree of accessibility. Sheets have been realized for all the Park structures open to the public and for potentially accessible trails; the check has been extended also to the structures holding the Quality Trademark given by the Body.

This section is the result of a project “An accessible Paradise” that, in compliance with the guidelines expressed by the Carta di Norcia and more recently by the European Union, was born from the will of the Gran Paradiso National Park Authority to qualify the tourist offer in the protected area regarding to the broadened audience, to promote approaching to a natural environment of great value for everyone, enhancing the social function that a territory like this is called upon to play.

At all working stages accessibility was not intended as mere compliance with legislation, but considering the needs, interests and expectations of an extended audience.


Photo: Barbara Rosai