In 2007, the Park joined the memorandum of understanding to promote green public procurement.

This initiative is promoted by the Province of Turin and the Arpa Piedmont: the signatories of the memorandum undertake to use the "environmental preferability" criteria in buying goods and services for their offices such as cars , furniture, electrical and electronic equipment for the office, paper for photocopiers and publications, etc. The services are the main innovation of this new protocol: the twenty-five Bodies participating in the project from now on will use ecological criteria for the building and the selection of cleaning and catering services.

The objectives that the signatory Bodies expect to pursue are as follows:

  • Limit, replace or phase out the purchase of toxic or dangerous products, or those that are difficult to dispose of, or that have a significant environmental impact;
  • Favour products/services which last longer, are easy to disassemble and repair, energy efficient, made with recycled/recyclable, salvaged or renewable materials, and minimize waste;
  • Promote in their purchasing decisions the spread of environmentally sound technologies, green building techniques, production systems with reduced environmental impact and public systems of environmental product labelling (e.g. EC Regulation 1980/2000), which take into account the whole life cycle of the products/services to be purchased;
  • Enter into the criteria for awarding environmental elements involving an economic advantage for the administration, assessed taking into account the costs incurred throughout the life cycle of the product/service.

Adherence of the park to the memorandum falls under the sustainable management actions of its facilities and activities, designed to minimize or eliminate the impact resulting from its choices, particularly with regard to purchases and services.