Climbing on rocks or ice, a sport full of challenges and history that in the Gran Paradiso National Park made possible to discover a Yosemite behind the house door. Five uncontaminated valleys, strong rocky slopes and ice gleaming in the silence of a plant and animal life, that voicelessly proceeds to ensure colors, scents, extraordinary encounters and necessary balances.
The park has the role of preserving these emotions to the future generations as in balances, often fleeting, the man creeps, sometimes obsequiously, sometimes defiantly. But if the park belongs to everyone, it's primary for those beings, animals and plants, that live there permanently. Without sacrificing the pleasure of adventure, the challenge of ourselves and our own fears, the sense of freedom that climbing guarantees, in order to practice it properly in a protected area just few extra touches are needed, check any prohibitions and learn how to climb in a sustainable way.

Photo of the header by: Carlo Giuliberti