With the project “Walking in the clouds” the Park promotes a gentle mobility, regulating the private car traffic during summer along the street that leads to the Nivolet hill and boosting walking, cycling or going by shuttle.

Nivolet is a splendid plateau of peat bogs and wet areas at a height of 2500 metres, designed by the ebb and flow of river Dora.
It is the habitat of ibex, chamois, marmots, ermines, foxes, migratory and non-migratory birds, and rare species of flowers.
It can be reached on foot along the comfortable paths of Valsavarenche and by car from Ceresole Reale
Always a site for cyclists and excursionists, in recent years – especially in summer Sundays - Nivolet has increasingly turned into a large parking lot in the heights.
As an alternative to this use, which is not compatible with the mission of a Park, in 2003 a project has started that, besides regulating traffic, it envisages the enhancement of the whole area by means of quality tourist proposals.
All sundays from the 9th of July to the 29th of August and on the bank holiday of the 15th, the last six kilometres of the road are not accessible by private cars.
It is possible to go on foot, by bike or by shuttle.

You can reach Serrù Lake with your own car, or take the shuttle, departing from Ceresole Reale, that stops several times along the route.
From the Serrù parking car the departure times to take the shuttle with the Park guides are as follows: 10 am, 11 am, 11:30 am and 2 pm. Led by the Park guides the shuttle route will become a journey to discover the surrounding environment.

Please note: in case of bad weather conditions a variation to the scheduled rides might be applied.

Without air and noise pollution generated by cars, these areas are a real paradise, with landscapes, scents and colours that have nothing less than exotic destinations. 

Turn the car off and listen to the mountain - The 2017 Edition program

The festival "walking in the clouds" continues to grow, involving several municipalities in the valleys of the Park with numerous initiatives, originally confined to the area of Colle del Nivolet in Orco Valley and Valsavarenche. More than ever today, it represents a “philosophy”, a way of living the Park from a gentle touristic perspective, in order to discover beautiful and uncontaminated places on tiptoe, through a more sustainable mobility. The program of activities to discover the charm of the Piantonetto Valley continues this year too. It's a side valley of the river Orco, reached on Saturday thanks to the shuttles provided by the municipality of Locana.

During July and August weekends a summer calendar full of events invite you to discover the protected area as ideal place for "sustainable" and nature-friendly holidays. Guided excursions, exhibitions, historical recalling and theater representations, concerts and local products tasting with the Park guides, hotels, restaurants, craftsmen and typical products of the territory.