The Park is partner of the project “Viva: Sustainable Tourism in Valle d'Aosta”, in the dedicated pages, of the Viva website, informations, paths, activities and proposals, in the Park and in the others natural areas of the Valle d'Aosta, are available.

VIVA is the trademark that from now on reunite the wide naturalistic heritage of the Valle d'Aosta. The project aims at promoting a tourism based on principles of eco-sustainability, to enhance and protect an area unique in the world.

The Valle d'Aosta has a natural heritage of rare beauty, composed of natural protected areas, sites belonging to the Natura 2000 ecological network and Alpine botanic gardens. The perception of that heritage, in particularly on a touristic level, is very poor; the general public does not know these places, their peculiarities and characteristics or, moreover, the reasons why they are protected.

VIVA, Valle d'Aosta unique for nature, represents an opportunity of social-economic development through the collaboration of everyone to the sustainable enhancement of the territory.

The project is co-funded by the European Union, the Government and the Region, in the framework of the operational Program regional Competitiveness 2007/2013.

Next to the natural systems, there are people, tourists and economic operators participating to the project, they're fundamental in this scenery because sustainability is result of awareness, a feeling that comes from individual responsibility to participate. Observe, participate, feel, taste, smell, respect what occurs is a conscious attitude.

On the website it's possible to find detailed descriptions for every naturalistic area, suggested paths, eco-friendly facilities structures that adhere to VIVA and the proposed activities, addressed to all and born from the synergy with the territory operators.