Step by step, day after day, often in silence, we follow Dario Favre’s footsteps, ranger of the Gran Paradiso National Park in the Italian Alps. The observation of animals or even the rescue of ibex and chamois are his daily routine. The environment is worthy of the most beautiful postcards, yet the breathtaking scenery conceals a great solitude that one must be able to face and tame in order to keep on.

Starring: Dario Favre, Bruno Bassano, Stefano Cerise, Renato Chevrère, Sara Favre, Renzo Guglielmetti, Hachaz von Hardenberg, Luigino Jocollé 
Directed and edited by: Joseph Péaquin Photography by Joseph Péaquin 
Music by: Christian Thoma
Produced by: Luisa Vuillermoz and Michele Ottino 
Co-produced by: Giovanni Girolimetto
Production : Fondation Grand Paradis / Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso / Docfilm Co-production : RAI Valle d’Aosta / BIM Valle d’Aosta / Banca di Credito Cooperativo Valdostana  

World sales Docfilm 
Running time: 75’ Format : 1:77, stereo, Digital Cinema 2K 
Release year: 2009 
Country: Italy