The director is located at the top position in the administrative and technical structure of the Park.
It is supported by the Service for General Affairs, who acts as secretary.
Gran Paradiso National Park Director is Dr. Bruno Bassano

The Directorate is in charge of the technical and administrative management, based on the orientations provided by the Institutional Bodies of the Park.
In brief, the Directorate has the following tasks:
- the adoption of administrative deeds and decisions, including those, such as determinations, which are mandatory for the administration with the outer world;
- the financial management with independent spending powers;
- the technical and administrative management of operations, based on an activity plan approved by the Executive Council
- the organization of human, instrumental and control resources;
- the control of administrative activities, management and its results.

To fulfill these tasks, the Directorate co-ordinates and heads the services of the Park. Further information on the functions of the Directorate is included in art.27 of the by-laws of the Gran Paradiso National Park Institution.

Offices and addresses
The legal office of the Directorate is Ente Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso - Via Pio VII, 9 - 10135 Torino
The Directorate receives by appointment, which can be obtained by getting in touch with the Park secretary, on the phone number 0039 011-8606211, fax 0039 011-8121305.