The Park Community consists of the mayors of the towns whose area belongs wholly or partly to the Park, the President of the Piedmont Region, the President of the Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta, the President of the Turin Province, the President of the Gran Paradiso Mountain Community and the President of the Orco and Soana Valleys Mountain Community.
It is a consulting and suggesting body of the Gran Paradiso National Park Institution, it meets at least twice every year when called by its President and mainly carries out the following tasks:

  • appoints four representatives to set up the Executive Council of the Park Institution; 
  • deliberates, after motivated assessment of the Executive Council of the Park Institution, the Economic and Social Multi-year Plan, which submits to the approval of the Piedmont and Valle d’Asta Regions, controlling its realization;
  • expresses a mandatory opinion on the final financial statements and on the overall account of the Park Institution;
  • expresses a mandatory opinion with respect to the Park regulation.

President: Guido Bellardo Gioli

Vice-President: Corrado Oreiller

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