Service Organization

It consists of just one person, the Service supervisor, with five specialist collaborators, who are employees of the Autonomous Region Valle d’Aosta, in charge of management operations for the Paradisia Alpine Garden. An agreement has been in place since 1994 between the Park Institution and the Regional Minister for Agriculture and Natural Resources of Valle d’Aosta (Regional Law 5.08.94, no. 40, art. 4) that gives the opportunity to use skilled labour.


The Service is in charge of the management of the Paradisia Alpine Botanical Garden, located in Valnontey, in the Cogne Valley (the Val d’Aosta side of the Park) and in future of the one, still being planned, in Campiglia, Soana Valley (Piedmont side of the Park). 
The activity is not just limited to the technical and cultivation management of the Gardens, but also involves research activities in various sectors in summer (collection of flower data and of plant material for the purposes of research, habitat monitoring, etc..) and in winter; fundamental is the constant update of the computer data bank of Park flower and plant data, of the herbarium and of the seed collection, but equally important are exchanges in scientific material (especially seeds) that take place with around 300 institutions (Universities, Botanical Gardens and Alpine Gardens) scattered all over the world. Last but not least is also the educational and publishing activity carried out directly with the Gardens’ visitors and by participating in courses and conferences. 
The Service also provides and updates soil cover maps offering a distribution of the various plant habitats; this is a fundamental tool to properly manage the area.

Offices and revenues

Service Supervisor
Laura Poggio 

Paradisia Alpine Botanical Garden
Loc. Valnontey, 44 - Cogne (AO) 
tel. and fax 0039 0165 74.147

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