Service organization
It features four office staff, including the manager. The Service is divided into two sub-sectors, the fruition of the area, loan applications and management.

The service deals with a wide range of activites, related both to the planning, management and modification of the territories and to the programming and management of projects related to a sustainable development, national and european funds are activated.

The sectors of intervention, in which the service is institutionally involved, cover:

- application of the Park managing tools required by law 394/91: Plan, Regulation and Pluriannual Economic and Social Plan;
- programmes, projects and interventions for the protection and sustainable development of the territory, requires and funds management;
- design and implementation of the information network (signs, Visitors Centres and local culture centres);
- preparation of authorization requests for actions that change the area, under art.13 of law 394/91;
- planning and management of service infrastructures (surveillance foundations, study centres, guest-rooms), renewable energies, network of paths;
- maintenance and sustainable management of the Park property;
- legal compliance with technical regulations, sector plans;
- surveys and studies on architecture and the landscape;
- theme maps, GIS.

Office and contact details

Elio Tompetrini (manager)
Aosta, Via Losanna 5,
tel. 0039 0165 44.126, fax 0039 0165 23.65.65

Technical office
Planning actions for the implementation of sector plans and programmes; planning and management of projects regarding buildings, infrastructures and items; permanent and temporary layouts; technical management and maintenance of the built heritage; preparation of opinions and documents in compliance with law instruments and sector regulations; study, survey, analysis and methodological update regarding assets planning and sustainable management activities.
Infrastructure maintenance

Barbara Rosai (Technical office manager)
Torino, Via Pio VII, 9
tel. 0039 011 8606206, fax 0039 011 8121305

Heritage officer: Denise Carnicella
te. 0118606215 email:

Infrastructures mantenance
Giuseppe Consentino
Office of Aosta, Via Losanna 5, 
tel. 016544126, fax 0165236565

Planning Office

Coordination and management of the implementation of Park plans; planning projects for land protection and for the implementation of development policies in line with protection levels defined; study, survey, analysis and methodological update regarding the planning of the protected area; procedures and technical documents necessary for the implementation and management of planning tools; control and monitoring of physical and social and economical changes in the area; management of the Area Information System; preparation of opinions and documents in compliance with law instruments and sector regulations.

Patrizia Vaschetto (Planning office manager)
Torino, Via Pio VII, 9
tel. 0039 011 8606209, fax 0039 011 8121305,

Information and territorial systems officer
Andrea Bressi
tel. 0118606208, email:

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