Service organization
This Service with a staff of two people, is in charge of healthcare monitoring functions of wildlife and of the coordination of scientific research. Many activities are carried out in collaboration with external bodies, especially with university departments specialized in wildlife management and preservation.

The Service is in charge of monitoring, preservation and study of vertebrates protected in the Park area. Its main activities deal with the following: - Wildlife healthcare monitoring, carried out by means of direct observation, blood tests and necropsies;
- Coordination of the Park research activity: preparation of monitoring projects of wildlife density and distribution, participation in research projects on the eco-ethology of many protected species; creation of hunting plans with the objective of tagging and healthcare monitoring;
- Organization, in close collaboration with various university institutions, of training and specialization programmes, such as dissertations, university master programmes, practitioning and working programmes to increase professionalism on wildlife management, preservation and pathologies;
- Scientific publishing: editing of the Journal of Mountain Ecology, participation in and organization of scientific conferences, creation of scientific publications for national and international journals;
- Coordination of the activities of the Alpine Ibex European Specialist Group , aimed at the preservation of the species in the European Alpine arch.

Office and address

Ramona Viterbi
Via Pio VII, 9 - 10135 Torino Tel. 011/8606216 

Participation in the Service’s activities
It is possible to take part in the training programmes organized by the Scientific Research and Healthcare Service by contacting the head of Service directly.
Regarding the preparation of dissertations and the participation in post-graduate training courses, it is necessary to contact the various Faculties that have agreements with the Service.

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