Found up to an altitude of 2000 m. It lives in open spaces (fields and grassland), in thick conifer and non-coniferous forests, as well as barns, warehouses, ruins and rocky areas. It is the smallest carnivore and is similar in form to the ermine, but can be distinguished by the smaller body size and the shorter tail without the black tip. Its coat is reddish-brown but the upper and lower parts of its lips, neck, breast, stomach and the lower, internal part of its claws, are white. Its length is 15-27 cm, with a tail of 3-9 cm, and it weighs 40-130 g. It hunts mostly at twilight. It is mainly carnivorous, and 80-90% of its prey is made up of small rodents and insectivores. It also preys on beetles, caterpillars and even small lagomorphs. Small mammals, such as voles, mice and moles are its favourite. Whenever it can, it captures small birds, usually sparrows.