The fauna has its emblem in the  The alpine ibex, symbol of the Park and by now spread all over the Park. Among the mammals we need to remember that it's possible to sight chamoismarmot, mountain hare, foxes, badgers, ermines, weasels, martens, stone martens. It's easy to encounter also vultures such as the golden eagle, the bearded vulture (recently returned to nest in the protected area), the buzzard, the kestel, the sparrowhawk, the goshawk, the eagle owk, the tawny owl and birds such as ptarmiganblack grouse, rock partridge, green woodpecker, greatspotted woodpecker, hazel grouse, dipper, robin, warbler, thrushe, alpine biking, wallcreeper and much more. There are also a lot of reptile varieties, insects and amphibians, such as the vipers, the Parnassius butterfly, newts and salamanders.

  • prairies and rocky environments
  • forests 
  • wood margins
  • farm environments
  • carnivores