A species linked to the presence of low forests of non-coniferous trees, mixed forests with conifers and non-conifers interrupted by frequent clearings, cultivated and uncultivated fields. It is the offspring of the hoofed animals, with a length of 100-130 cm, by 60-80 cm height at the withers.
Its weight varies from 28-30 kg for males and 24-26 kg for females. Its antlers, like all deer, are absent in females and shed every year in autumn and grow back. The roebuck needs a diet high in leaves and shoots and low in fibre. Because of this, it consumes grass in modest amounts, while woody shrubs, seeds and wild fruit form its staple diet. It has been present in the park for a relatively short time, due to expansion of the population released for hunting reasons outside the park. At the moment its presence is mainly confined to the areas around the lower Soana e Orco valleys. However, it is slowly but surely colonizing the three Val d'Aosta valleys.

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