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[collapse title=Position]

One km and a half far from the Ceresole city centre and one km from Giro Lago. On the provincial street 50 towards Nivolet, in Chiapili hamlet, there is the equipped area Perabacù, furneshed with an accessible services area. The closest visitors centre is the one dedicated to Homo et Ibex around 500 m.


[collapse title=Car park]
The parking area is placed on the opposite side of the main street and the structure is reachable through a pedestrian crossing not signed and without any calling device. 

In the parking area there isn't any place dedicated to disabled, but spaces are sufficiently wide so that to guarantee the service. The bottom of the parking area is made of beaten earth. 

We suggest to inform about your arrival in advance in order to obtain a comfortable and accessible parking space. [/collapse]

[collapse title=Entrance]

The main entrance doesn't overlook directly on the main street and is reached through an external stair with gradient of around 8%, equipped with handle and with a stone bottom, accessible after having walked a short track at the street border.

It's reachable through an external stair at the right of the building equipped with handlines.

Spaces and the end of the routes are suitable for a wheelchair movements.

The entrance of the structure is in compliance with rules: the width of the door, with two doors and inward opening, is enough for passing a wheelchair. There aren't problems of any kind, the moving spaces and flooring are appropriate. There are no aids for blind or visually impared. [/collapse]

[collapse title=Internal routes] The internal routes and the common area don't have obstacles of any kind and the maneuvring spaces are enough. There are no aids or tactile routes for blind people. [/collapse]

[collapse title=Reception] The counter is not equipped to serve a disabled, both for heights and for signs, but there are no obstacles that don't allow to use it in any way. [/collapse]

[collapse title=Bedroom for disabled] Double room with private bathroom, equipped, before the entrance, with a terrace space that overlooks the street totally accessible. The entrance is accessible and has no obstacles; the front door is wide enough with traditional opening system. The spaces inside the room are suitable for a wheelchair maneuvering, there is the possibility to move some furnitures for an easier use of the space. The bathroom is accessible directly from the bedroom, without gradients and it's in compliance with accessibility rules: it has sufficient maneuvering space, the bathrooms fittings are specifically for disabled, there are handrail supports and shower with tip-up seat. There are no aids or tactile routes for blind people. [/collapse]

[collapse title=Hygienic services in the common area]There is an hygienic service with anteroom, both accessible, next to the dining room. The anteroom has it's own sinks for disabled; the wc is equipped for disabled with orizontal and vertical handles. Service are easily reachable but difficult to identify. There are no aids or tactile routes for blind people.[/collapse]

[collapse title=Restaurant]The restaurant is reserved for clients of the hotel. The room is totally accessible.[/collapse] For more informations visit the page Hotel Gli Scoiattoli



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Borgata Barilò 4, Ceresole Reale
Orco Valley
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