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[collapse title=Position] The facility is placed in Pont, around 8 km from Valsavarenche centre, a flat area at 2000 mt high, at the bottom of the Valsavarenche Valley. From here it's possible to start hiking or walking for example along the Savara stream, and you can use the public bathroom accessible near the parking area. The closest Visitors Centre is the one dedicated to “Precious predators” in Degioz hamlet around 8 km towards Valsavarenche. [/collapse]

[collapse title=Car park] The parking area surrounds the structure and has the flooring in stabilized backfill. There is not a dedicated space for disabled but areas are wide enough to guarantee the service.[/collapse]

[collapse title=Entrance] The structure entrance is in compliance with the rules: the width of the door is enough for passing a wheelchair. There aren't problems of any kind, the moving spaces and flooring are appropriate. There are no aids for blind or visually impared. [/collapse]

[collapse title=Internal paths]The internal routes and the common area don't have obstacles of any kind and the maneuvring spaces are enough. There are no aids or tactile routes for blind people. [/collapse]

[collapse title=Bar/Self Service]The structure is equipped with a wide, accessible lounge area, addressed also to the Park visitors. Sometimes the moving spaces can be narrow and tables, with fixed benches, difficult to use.[/collapse]

[collapse title=Hygienic Services in the common area] There is an accessible hygienic service and anteroom. The latter has sinks specifically for disabled, as well as the wc, well equipped with orizontal and vertical handrails.

There are no aids or tactile routes for blind people.[/collapse]

[collapse title=Reception] The counter is not equipped to serve a disabled, both for heights and for signs, but there are no obstacles that don't allow to use it in any way.[/collapse]

[collapse title=Rooms]Among the 18 bedrooms available, reachable through a stairs ramp equipped with stair elevator, there isn't one dedicated to disabled. Internal spaces are enough to guarantee the movements, there are bigger or smaller bedrooms but none of them is equipped with an hygienic service full of space and necessary aids.

There are no aids or tactile routes for blind people. [/collapse]

[collapse title=Restaurant] The restaurant is reserved for hotel clients. The room is totally accessible. [/collapse]

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Località Pont, Valsavarenche
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