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[collapse title=Position]
The facility is placed on the 24 regional road, in the Rhemes Saint George municipality, on the east of the Dora of Rhêmes stream, from which it's possible to enjoy a wonderful view. Not far from there, a new totally accessible ludic and cultural park has grown, Lo Berlò, that, thanks to a path specially set up, permits to discover and improve the Gran Paradiso National Park animals knowledge, the food culture of the alpine arch, as well as the local language, patois. It's possible to find sheets to play with interactive totems inside the playground right at Le Solitaire Restaurant Bar.

The closest Visitors Centre is the one placed in Rhêmes-Notre-Dame, “Welcome back bearded vulture", around 9 km far but still located on the 24 regional road.[/collapse]

[collapse title=Car park]
The parking area is next to the facility with direct access to the regional road. It's a wide parking reserved to clients but there isn't one dedicated to disabled, spaces are even though so wide that the service is guaranteed. There is a self-blocking ground. There are no aids for blind or visually impared. [/collapse]

[collapse title=Entrance] The main entrance is linked to the parking through a wide path, self-locked, and has enough spaces to make a wheelchair movements possible, moreover there aren't any obstacles or gradients.

The entrance of the structure is in compliance with regulations: the door width, one swing door with outward opening, it's wide enough for a wheelchair entrance and has externally a traditional handle, internally a panic handrail. There are no obstacles of any kind, internal and external moving spaces are enough and the pavement is of stone and ceramic respectively. There are no aids for blind or visually impared.  [/collapse]

[collapse title=Internal paths]  The internal routes and the common area don't have obstacles of any kind and the maneuvring spaces are enough, with the possibility to move some of the furnitures to make the space more comfortable. [/collapse]

[collapse title=Reception] The counter is not equipped to serve a disabled, both for heights and for signs, but there are no obstacles that don't allow to use it in any way.[/collapse]

[collapse title=Restaurant room] 

The structure is equipped of two rooms, a bigger one with 40 places and a smaller one with 12 places. In order to access the smaller one there are three steps, while there are no obstacles of any kind in accessing the bigger one.

Moving spaces are wide enough in both the rooms, the pavement is in ceramic and spaces under the tables make possible for a wheelchair to enter.[/collapse]

[collapse title=Hygienic services]The facility has a hygienic service with anteroom, both accessible, next to one of the two rooms. The anteroom has a sink that permits a wheelchair to go close; the bathroom has enough moving spaces, bathroom fittings are specifically for disabled, it's equipped with sustaining handrails, horizontal and vertical and so on the right than on the left of the wc. There are no aids or tactile routes for blind people. [/collapse]

For more informations visit the page Bar Ristorante Le Solitaire

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Località La Fabrique 15, Rhêmes-Saint-Georges
Rhêmes Valley
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