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[collapse title=Description]

The equipped area comprehends a car park with around 30 parking spaces in total, a reception and services area and, on the opposite bank of the Orco stream, a picnic area with tables, barbecue, fountains and some playground for kids.[/collapse]

[collapse title=Postion]

The area is placed along the provincial road 50. The parking and service area are next to the building and directly visible from the street, while the pic-nic area, placed on the opposite side of the Orco stream, is not visible from the street. It's far around 6 km from Ceresole Reale centre, in a strategic position from the Nivolet street regulation. From here, indeed, it's possible to park the car in the parking area and keep going by feet through the paths of the high Orco valley, until the Nivolet hill./collapse]

[collapse title=Car park] 

The parking place is located on the opposite side of the Orco stream and has a car park dedicated to disabled that respects all requirements. There are signs dedicated to disabled through the pedestrian paths and close to the access area. Paths are easily accessible and without obstacles of any kind.

The bottom of the parking area is in stabilized backfill.[/collapse]

[collapse title=Hygienic services]

In adherence to the parking area there is the hygienic service block, composed by two bathrooms totally accessible.

There are no aids or tactile paths for blind people. [/collapse]

[collapse title=Routes]

The first route to walk is the one that leads from the parking to the bridge that permits to cross the river Orco. The only obstacle can be the short difference that links the car parking to the pedestrian crossing. There are wood trunk that borders the path leading to the equipped area and used as indicators for visually impaired.
The pedestrian crossing is without the calling device.
The last part of the trail that leads to the equipped area comprehends the wood bridge that results usable and doesn't have obstacles of any kind. The bridge is equipped with a wood handle. All the spaces and the bottom of the trails are suitable for the movements of a wheelchair.[/collapse]

[collapse title=Tables and seats]

In the whole area there are tables and seats: both have steel structures. The tables have dimensions and heights suitable to host a wheelchair (almost 71 cm of space under the table and almost 120 cm of space around), while seats are made of chairs without backrest. Some tables and seats are placed in a shaded and windy area. At the end of the area there is a grass area without obstacles of any kind, considering the natural shape of the ground.[/collapse]

[collapse title=Barbecue]

Barbecue are placed at a lower level regarding to the accessible area, on the side of the Orco river. Notwithstanding the very limited distance, for a wheelchair is not possible to overcome the gradient, more than 8%, so the structure appears not usable enough.[/collapse]

[collapse title=water point] The fountain is placed in a totally accessible area. Spaces are wide, so that they permit every kind of wheelchair movements. The only difficulty can be going close to the fountain due to the absence of a water collection basin.[/collapse]

Structure location
Ortschaft Chiapili, Ceresole Reale
Orco Valley
Tipo struttura
Accessible tracks