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[collapse title=Position]The visitors centre Tutelattiva, hosted inside the Fondation Grand Paradis headquarter, is placed in the Villaggio minatori hamlet, Municipality of Cogne. In order to reach the structure from Aosta, once you arrive to the roundabout before Veulla, take the second exit (driving directions villaggio minatori/visitors centre) and keep going along the SR 47. Once you reach the next roundabout, around 1 km after the bridge, take the third exit. Continue for another km going up towards the Villaggio minatori until you reach the visitors centre parking on the left.[/collapse]

[collapse title=Car park]The parking is placed beyond the street, at a lower level from the structure entrance. In order to reach the visitors centre level it's necessary to face a street section that can be difficult both for the gradient and for the walking length. In the parking area there is not a space dedicated to disabled, but spaces are sufficiently wide to guarantee the service. The parking area ground is in asphalt and there are lateral and longitudinal gradients. We suggest to inform about your arrival in order to obtain a comfortable and suitable parking space.[/collapse]

[collapse title=Entrance]After having walked a short part of the accessible courtyard you reach the structure entrance. The door that leads to the inside is a double swing door with onward opening. Both the internal and the external spaces are suitable. There are aids for blind and visually impaired.[/collapse]

[collapse title=Internal paths]The internal paths and the common area don't have obstacles of any kind, the moving spaces are sufficient. There are no aids or tactile paths for blind. [/collapse]

[collapse title=Reception] The counter is equipped to serve a disabled and the space is enough.[/collapse]

[collapse title=Exhibition space]The exhibition space develops entirely on the first floor and is reachable by lift. The exhibition is quite long, talks about various themes, is interactive and has been designed to be suitable and to guarantee a sensory experience to the visitor. [/collapse]

[collapse title=Hygienic services] The hygienic services, located on the ground floor, next to the lift, are totally accessible, with enough space for movings and equipped with aids.[/collapse]

[collapse title=Multimedia room]  [/collapse]

Structure location
Villaggio minatori, Cogne
Cogne valley
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Visitor centers
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