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[collapse title=Position]

The centre faces the regional road 24, around the 14th km. The main entrance of the structure doesn't overlook directly the street but a wide public parking. It's around 1,5 km far from the centre of Rhêmes Notre Dame municipality and from there numerous hiking paths and the interesting, accessible and easy nature trail that goes along the Dora di Rhêmes stream, the Chanavey – Bruil path.[/collapse]

[collapse title=Car park]
The parking area, next to the structure, is equipped with two parking spaces dedicated to disabled, with enough space for a wheelchair movements. Both the parkings are well indicated and recognizable through an horizontal and vertical signage and are located next to a pedestrian path that leads to the building entrance. 
The floor is made of asphalt, without gradients or obstacles along the path.[/collapse]

[collapse title=Entrance] The main entrance of the structure is reachable through a short path, at the beginning covered by the roof slope and then arcades, the stone flooring and the dimentions are enough to guarantee a wheelchair movements. The path is totally flat without obstacles or gradients that limit the usability of it. 

There are no aids or indicators to lead visually impaired towards the centre.

The facility entrance is totally accessible: there is a double swing door with inward opening, equipped with panic handle and external traditional handle and the width is wide enough to guarantee a wheelchair movements. There are no obstacles or gradients and the floor is made of stones both internally and externally. Before reaching the tickets office and the exhibition room, there is an accessible glass double swing door, that during the opening period, is left always open. Spaces before and after the entrance are wide enough to guarantee a wheelchair movements. There are no aids for blind or visually impaired. [/collapse]

[collapse title=Internal paths] The internal paths don't have obstacles of any kind. There are no aids or tactile paths for blind people. [/collapse]

[collapse title=Information point] The counter is not equipped to serve a disabled, both for heights and for signs, but there are no obstacles limiting in any way the use of it.[/collapse]

[collapse title=Exhibition room] The visitors centre exhibition is developed on two floors. On the ground floor there is the first part of the exhibition, easily accessible from the information point. The moving spaces are suitable for a wheelchair movements and there is good accessibility to informations regarding to heights, spaces and dimensions. There is not a visio-tactile map for orienteering. The floor is carpeted.

The second part of the exhibition is on the first floor, reachable through a stair elevator. Spaces are rarely wide enough for a wheelchair movements but there is good accessibility to informations. There isn't a visio-tactile map for orienteering. The pavement is made of good conditions wooden boards without obstacles or gradients.[/collapse]

[collapse title=Hygienic services] The accessible bathroom is included in the hygienic services block, external to the structure but part of the same Visitors Centre building and next to it. It's placed next to the reserved car spaces and is totally accessible for internal measures, for fittings typology and for aids. The pavement is made of ceramic tile. 

There are no aids or tactile paths for blind. [/collapse]

Structure location
Chanavey, Rhêmes-Notre-Dame
Rhêmes Valley
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Visitor centers
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