The Gran Paradiso National Park and the Parc national de la Vanoise (Vanoise National Park) are the most ancient parks of Italy and France, the former set up in 1922 and the latter in 1963, together they form the largest protected area in the Western Alps. United by a dozen kilometres of borders along the Alpine arch, the two parks share historic, natural and human links that since 1972, have made natural the twinship between the two Institutions and the direction of their actions towards an objective of compatible development and long-term protection. The twinship has signified the start of various types of activities: the exchange of Park rangers to perform monitoring activities together, to better know the organization and the surveillance structures of both parks, to study wildlife, exchange in classes of pupils, the production of a brochure with a joint map, but common energies and actions have especially been focused on the ibex, whose protection has been paramount for both parks.

Convention de partenariat 2013 (text in french)

Carta di buon vicinato

Gran Paradiso e Vanoise: buoni vicini (Piemonte Parchi, n. 92/1999)

Insieme nel nome dello stambecco (Bollettino Rete Alpina, n. 14/2000)

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